Seasonal Flavors of Tea Change

The winter wind has finally started to blow in New Jersey. My taste for tea’s have changed from a nice citrusy iced tea to now a spicy warm chai. The spices in the chai tea warm up the chi in the body and seem to keep the immune system in good health. 8 cardamom seeds

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A cup of tea with reflection

It is All- Hallows Eve a time to remember those that have gone before us. This morning I sat and opened my heart & third eye energies , I asked to spend a few seconds of time with my grandmother’s. Giving this intention to the Universe. As I began washing the dishes from last nights

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New Teas at the shop!

For the broom season, we have Wiccan Woman, herbal tea! it is a nice fall spicy mix! It is also a fabulous mix to add into mulled cider or mulled wine!

A cup of Linden tea

Hiding in this perfect cup of herbal tea, is an herb filled with  amazing health benefits. Linden, Tilia is the name of the genus that contains varieties of trees named linden, whose flowers, leaves, and extracts have been used for medicinal and decorative purposes for many years. The tilia genus members are often also called

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