Healer’s Way Natural Health Fair Vendor Application

We are delighted to connect qualified wellness professionals to those who desire a natural and healthy lifestyle!

Please download our vendor application or read through it on this webpage. You may complete the same through this page or use the editable PDF file.

We look forward to reviewing your application.

HWNHF Committee

Download for a hard (PDF) copy of the blank application.

Spirit to Sole Connection has created Healer’s Way Natural Health Fair to bring information and healthy products to our community! As a vendor, this is a unique and affordable opportunity to share with the local community how your business supports a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle! If you are a healthy, organic, holistic, or natural based individual, business, holistic medical practice or restaurant– this is the place for you!!!

  1. Registration – Vendors must register by March 16, 2019. To register, please return this completed form to the Spirit to Sole Connection, 23 N Centre St, Merchantville, NJ 08109 Attention: Healer’s Way Natural Health Fair. Space is limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis. To secure your table at the Healer’s Way Natural Health Fair you must submit this form with payment.
  2. Payment can be made via Check (made payable to the Spirit to Sole Connection), Money Order, or online at https://squareup.com/store/HWNHF-Vendors 
  3. Insurance – Every business must name “Ryan Middleton, Ryan’s Retail” as additional insured. A copy of your certificate of Liability insurance must be received by March 18, 2019. The same can be submitted by email to healersway@spirittosoleconnection.com or delivered to Spirit to Sole Connection, 23 N Centre St, Merchantville, NJ 08109.
  4. Set up and Tear Down – You are required to set up and tear-down your own display. There is no early tear-down option available.
  5. Booth Slots – Booth areas will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Spirit to Sole Connection will do our best to assign spaces contingent on things like electrical needs and display heights.
HWNHF Floor Plan
This is a temporary layout map. The space will be finalized,
but this gives a good “feel” for the space and flow.

Booth Slots
Wallflower – Lt BlueA Wallflower booth has minimal floor space.  It utilizes
wooden shelving that is already present. Shelving is in
an L shape.  One is around a stair well and the other is
around an architecture building element.
#9 Total 13’X5.5’
#18 Total 17’x5.5’
5’x6’ – Card Table – Green
6’x7’ – Card Table – Pink
5’x7’ – Long Table – PurpleSome of these booth slots can be 360◦.Please note
if you wish a space like this.
8’x8’ – Large spots – Green/GreyLarge booth spaces include one speaking/lecutre slot.$30.00
  1. Tables – Tables and display materials will not be provided for vendors. If your display is taller than 3’ for a table top display or 6’ for a floor display, please let us know! We need this information to aid in the lay-out of the vendor spots.
  2. Electricity – Electrical outlets are approximately every 15 feet along the walls. Please respond so we may best lay out the space.
  1. There is no smoking of any type inside the building or within 20 feet of the properties of 21, 22, 24-6, and 23-27 N. Centre St., Merchantville, NJ 08109. This includes smudging, candles, incense, and similar burning products. 
  2. Wi-Fi Internet Connection – Wi-Fi internet connection is available to all participating businesses, and will be provided the day of the event. The building is historical and it is known that not all locations in the building get good Wifi reception. If you are using a wireless POS machine you will want to make sure your cellular data can support your needs.
  3. Lecture Space- There are two lecture spaces as shown on the map. All vendors of a large space will receive a 30 minute lecture block. That will be 5 minutes of set up time, 5 minutes of tear down, and 20 speaking minutes. Vendors of smaller booth spaces may book the lecture space at $10. Large booth vendors may book additional time at $10. Lecture spaces are first come first serve with Large Booth spaces getting priority.
  4. Promotion – . Both parties agree to aggressively promote Healer’s Way Natural Health Fair and to use their best efforts to leverage their social media, marketing and publicity resources. Healer’s Way Natural Health Fair agrees that Vendor may use Healer’s Way Natural Health Fair’s published or provided names, pictures, photographs, recordings, and other likenesses in connection with advertising and publicizing the engagement, without further approval. A media package is available at SpirittoSoleConnection.com.
  5. Tickets – There is a ticket charge to attend. Early bird special is $2 and Door Charge is $3, or $2 with a non-perishable food donation. This applies to all persons above the age of 12 years old. Each vendor space will come with two (2) additional tickets for entry. These tickets can be used by your family and friends or in your promotions as give-a-ways. 
  6. SWAG – Each ticketed attendee will receive a SWAG bag for collecting items like business cards, samples, and such. This is a great opportunity to distribute materials. (This may be limited to the first 300 attendants.)
  7. Sales – Sales of your products or services are welcomed pending review by the Healer’s Way Natural Health Fair Committee. You must list below the products or services you would like to sell. Healer’s Way Natural Health Fair Committee will review this information. You will be notified of their decision no later than March 18.
    Ideal product keywords: Holistic, Natural, Organic, Homeopathic, Mind-Body-Spirit, Local 

15. Activities – What activities are you planning for your booth? 

  1. Health & Wellness – How does your business relate to health and wellness? 
  1. Submit your business card, digital ads, or other promotional materials we may use in things like social media posts, programs, and posters. (This does not guarantee that it will be used.) healersway@spirittosoleconnection.com
  2. Registration at Event – Upon arrival, please be sure to check in at the R Booth with Staff.

Please maintain a copy of this agreement for your files.

If you have any questions please contact the Jeannie at Spirit to Sole Connection 856-834-0883 or healersway@spirittosoleconnection.com